02.10 Further Reading

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Categories: Rainscreens

The documents listed below have been classified as follows

  • Key References
  • CWCT Publications
  • British Standards
  • Other Standards
  • Other References

Some but not all of of these documents are referred to in the sections of this package. Key references generally cover a significant proportion of the subject matter of the package in greater detail than presented here. Other references generally relate to a small part of the subject matter of the package; they range from short papers to text books. No attempt has been made to compile a comprehensive bibliography but where a literature search has been carried out for other purposes the list of other references is extensive. British Standards include European and ISO Standards adopted as British Standards. It should be noted that British Standards are updated from time to time and that in this updating process they are being replaced by European Standards. The Standards listed may not necessarily be the most up to date version. The current status of Standards can be checked using the BSI online catalogue at www.bsi.org.uk .  Other Standards includes Building Regulations, standards published by other national standards organisations and standards and guidance documents produced by recognised societies and institutions.

Key References
ANDERSON J. M. and GILL  J. R., 1988, Rainscreen Cladding, a guide to design principles and practice, Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA).

CWCT Publications
CWCT, 1998, Standard for walls with ventilated rainscreens , Centre for Window and Cladding Technology, University of Bath, 56pp.

CWCT, 1998, Standard for testing ventilated rainscreens, Draft for development, Centre for Window and Cladding Technology, University of Bath, 20pp.

British Standards

Other Standards

Other References
CROKER A., MANGAT P. S., BOUGDAH H. N. and SHARPLES S., 2000, Design guidelines for overcladding systems to maintain durability of the reinforced concrete building fabric, Report on DETR funded research project carried out by Sheffield Hallam University.

GANGULI U. & QUIROETTE R. L., 1987, Pressure Equalization Performance of a Metal and Glass Curtain Wall, National Research Council of Canada.

LAWSON R. M., PEDRESCHI R., FALKENFLETH I. and POPO-OLA S. O., 1998, Over-cladding of existing buildings using light steel, Steel Construction Institute Publication P247, 54pp.