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tOG Sports requires a compatible nVidia graphics card (Graphics Processing Unit - GPU)

If the graphics card is not found, disabled in the Windows System Device Drivers, or the version of the driver is too old, tOG Sports will not start.

Verify that a suitable nVidia graphics card is installed in the PC, that the Device Driver is enabled and that the nVidia Driver is up to date.

Some PC’s have 2 GPU’s installed.  It is important to enable the nVidia GPU for tOG Sports.

Identify the graphics processors available:

Go to Control Panel > Device Manager > Display adapters
you may see 2 adaptors - in this example Intel HD Graphics and NVIDIA Quadro

·         Right click the NVIDIA entry and go Properties

·         Establish the device is working correctly

Setting the nVidia GPU as the preferred device:

·         Go to NVIDIA Control Panel to switch between two graphics manually under Manage 3D Settings > Preferred Graphics Processor.

·         Select Manage 3D Settings

·         In the Preferred graphics processor, use the drop down menu to select:

o    High-performance NVIDIA processor