Graphics Settings for Nvidia Optimus Enabled Machines

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Graphics Settings for Nvidia Optimus Enabled Machines







Alex Freke-Morin

1.0 Introduction

This document will cover how to ensure drivers and settings are correct for using software that makes use of Nvidia Graphics features such as Tactic, Swift and Tog with Windows computers using Nvidia Optimus.

2.0 Identify Local GPUs

To find out what GPUs you have, open Task Manager (ctrl+shift+escape) and click on more details if it’s not already expanded. Then in the performance tab, you will see the GPUs on the left column, by clicking on one you will find the name of the GPU for both Intel and Nvidia. In this case, I have GPU 0 Selected which is an “Intel HD 530” (GPU 1 being my Nvidia GPU)

2.1 Update Nvidia GPU

You can download the latest Nvidia Drivers from here:

The link will take you to this website, first select your product type. This will most likely be a GeForce (GTX) or a Quadro which you will find in the name of your GPU displayed in task manager. Then select the product type, GTX cards are GeForce and Quadros are Quadro. Select the Series, for a GTX card this is the first number in the name and for Quadro the architecture (M5000 would be M). Then under “product”, you can find your exact GPU model. Leave the “Download Type” to Default. 

Once you have downloaded the installer, run it and install to the default location by pressing “next”. If you have been experiencing problems it is recommended to select “Custom” installation so that on the next screen you can select “Perform a clean installation”, which fully removes the old driver and settings before installing anew.

If you are using a GeForce card you might be offered to install GeForce Experience. This is not required.

During the installation your screen may flicker black a few times, this is normal.

Once installation is complete it is recommended that you restart your PC.

2.2 Update Onboard Intel GPU

Intel Graphics Drivers can be found here:

Select the second option: “Intel® Graphics - Windows® 10 DCH Drivers” and download it.

This will lead you to the page shown below, under “Available downloads”, choose the upper download button with executable: igfx_win10_xxxxx.exe

Once the installer has been downloaded, run it and follow the default steps. Once the installation is complete it is recommended to restart your PC.

3.0 Ensuring Tactic is running on the Nvidia GPU

To ensure the PC always uses the Nvidia GPU; open the Nvidia Control panel from the start menu or by right clicking on the desktop and selecting “Nvidia Control panel”.

Then in the left column select “Manage 3D Settings”. In the "Manage 3D Settings'' page, select the “Global Settings” tab, then under “Prefered graphics processor select “High Performance NVIDIA Processor” as shown in the image below: