Adding an article

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Categories: Working with Guides

Articles are at the core the central part of your knowledge base. They should empower customers to answer questions themselves in order to save you time from answering the same question repeatedly in the future.

When writing articles try to explain in the simplest of terms. Ultimately you have creative freedom to write however and whatever you wish. Common examples include how to guides and tutorials in a top down format almost like a todo or check list.

Navigate to the collection you want to add an article to.

New Uncategorized Article

Click on the plus icon next to categories to start an uncategorized article and begin writing. You can later choose a category that suits the article.

New Categorized Article

To add a categorized article, find the category you want to add it to from your list.

From inside the category page you then click on the plus icon next to the category name and start writing.

When you are satisfied with the article or are at a stopping point you have 2 options.

Save Draft

When you don't want anyone to see your article as you are not quite finished with it, you simply click on the save draft icon.

Afterwards you can come back later and make more changes before publishing.

Publish Article

To publish the article for your customers to see immediately, click on the Publish button.

You can now see the article where you have installed Guides and can also embed it to any page of your site.