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Construction Products Regulation

The EU Construction Products Regulation replaces the Construction Procucts Directive (CPD) and unlike the CPD the UK cannot opt out of this Regulation. The CPR came into force on 24 April 2011.

The CPR requires that certain construction products are CE marked if they are placed on the market within the EU after 1 July 2013. All products for which there is a harmonised European Standard and some products for which there is a European Technical Agreement (ETAG) have to be CE marked.

Products manufactured outside of the EU must be placed in the market by a company having a registered identity within the EU. They may have an EU office or place products on the market through an agent based in the EU.

In the UK enforcement of the Construction Products Regulation and the use of CE Marks will be the responsibility of Trading Standards Officers in England, Scotland and Wales and of Environmental Officers in Northern Ireland.