Windows and doors: External fire performance

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The performance characteristics listed below are relevant to products covered by EN 14351-1 Windows and doors - Product standard, performance characteristics - Part 1: Windows and external pedestrian doorsets without resistance to fire and/or smoke leakage characteristics

This requirement applies to:

Roof windowsYes

Doorsets and openable windows with fire resisting and/or smoke control characteristics are covered by EN 14600

Pedestrian doorsets, industrial, commercial, garage doors and windows are covered by prEN 16034



The roof window shall have adequate resistance to an external fire in terms of spread of fire on the outer surface and penetration by fire from outside to inside.

Fire performance depends on roof slope. Roof windows are tested at a particular slope or slopes and the results (classification) are only applicable to a range of installed slopes. The roof window is tested as part of a roof construction. The test results (classification) are only applicable when the roof window is installed in a comparable construction.


EN13501-5Fire classification of construction products and building elements - Part 5: Classification using data from external fire exposure to roofs tests
DD CEN/TS 1187Test methods for external fire exposure to roofs


Method of test

The roof window is mounted in a representative roof deck and one of four test sequences is carried out. The four test methods involve different combinations of flame, radiant heat and wind. The test methods are described in detail in DD CEN/TS 1187


The class of performance is given in the form Aroof(t1)

The leading letter indicates the level of performance with A being the highest performance and E the lowest. The letter F signifies that no performance was determined.

t1, t2, t3 or t4 indicates the method of test.

CE Marking

UK Regulations require certain parts of the building envelope to be resistant to external fire. This would require a window CE Marked in accordance with EN 14600.

Locationnpd allowed
England and WalesYes
Northern IrelandYes