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The explosion resistance of glass is its ability to resist the pressure from an explosion.

Blast resistance is dependent on the framing system used to support the glass. A CE Mark shows only the possible performance of the glass if it is appropriately framed. The CE Marked performance is that of a piece of glass 1100 mm x 900 mm. Glasses of different size will have different performance. To verify the explosion resistance of a window, door or curtain wall it is necessary to refer to the CE Mark for that product.


EN 13541Glass in building. Security glazing. Testing and classification of resistance against explosion pressure


Method of test

The method of test is described in EN 13541. If an IGU has an explosion resistant glass on the non-attack face then the properties of that glass may be accepted as the properties of the IGU.


There are four classes of performance:

  • Classes ER1 to ER4 are for different pressures in ascending order of severity


    CE Marking

    Most glazing products offer no explosion resistance performance and are marked npd.