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Burglar resistance of glass is the ability to resist manual attack by impact.

Hard blunt impact (a steel ball) and sharp/cutting impact (an axe) are covered.


EN 356Glass in building. Security glazing. Testing and classification of resistance against manual attack


Method of test

The two methods of test are described in EN 356. If an IGU has a burglar resistant glass on the non-attack face then the properties of that glass may be accepted as the properties of the IGU.


Classification of glass is by type and severity of attack:

  • Classes P1A to P5A are resistance to hard blunt impact in ascending order of impact energy/number of impacts.
  • Classes P6B to P8B are resistance to sharp/cutting impact in ascending order of number of strikes


    CE Marking

    Most glazing products offer little or no impact resistance at this level and are marked npd.