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Do we have to work to the smaller deflection limits allowable in BS EN 13830:2003?
The draft of the revised EN 13830 to be published in 2016 uses the displacement limits currently in use in the UK as given in CWCT SSBE. It is recommended that curtain walls be CE marked on the basis of the deflection limits given in CWCT SSBE. When working to the revised EN 13830 it is advisable to note that structural calculations should be in accoradance with the Structural Eurocodes.

Do we have to work to the Eurocodes for structural calculations?
The revised EN 13830 will require structural calculations according to the Eurocodes. The current Product Standard allows calculations in accordance with national Standards.

Note that in Scotland the Building Regulations already specifically refer to the Eurocodes. In England and Wales the Building Regulations do not reference the Eurocodes but Building Control Officers have the discretion to accept calculations to the recently withdrawn British Standards or the Eurocodes. Approved Document A will be reviewed in 2013 and is likely to reference the Eurocodes.

My curtain wall is being designed and specified in January 2013 will it have to be CE Marked?
CE Marking is required for products placed on the market after 1 July 2013. Only if the contract with the Specialist Contractor is entered into on or after 1 July 2013 wiil the curtain wall have to be CE Marked.